Theory of Change

We need a new model of human thriving for up to 10 billion people that is within planetary boundaries. We believe that Small Island States can be inspired and enabled to contribute directly towards this challenge.

Our theory of change is simple.

Unlock the capacity for innovation in small island states through the long term building of social capital.

Most island communities have the ideas, tools, resources and people to solve their own challenges but they lack the depth of relationships, collective will and inspiration to make that possible.

How Do We Unlock the Innovation?

We aim to continue to run a series of experiments to develop a working model for social capital building that can be used on islands to empower populations to solve their own challenges.

Why Guernsey as the First Location?

Guernsey is situated 50 km off the north-west coast of France, in the Bay of St. Malo and 120 km from the English coast.

An independent and self-governing island forming part of the southernmost group of islands that make up the British Isles, the Bailiwick of Guernsey includes the smaller neighbouring islands of Sark, Herm and Alderney. The island has a total surface area of 25 square miles, with a population of around 63,000.

As a small self-governing nation, Guernsey is a microcosm, operating on a human scale. In small states like Guernsey, it is possible to solve complex systemic issues in ways that cannot currently be achieved in large nation-states. Guernsey has already used its small size and autonomy to become a global leader in many areas of social and economic innovation.

Guernsey is fortunate to have an excellent public-sector service for its size and population, including a high-quality health service with good coverage and excellent schools. It has a culture of innovation, flexibility and rapid change when necessary. With the right values and social capital, a good idea can become law and/or national policy within two years.

We at the Dandelion Foundation have long believed that small nation-states that can set their own laws, decide how their resources are used and have the social capital to solve complex challenges, can achieve audacious goals.

Island communities like Guernsey can create a blueprint for large scale change recognising that there are many other small island states with different social profiles around the world that can also contribute to the innovation necessary to create a model for human thriving that fits within planetary boundaries.

Is it time for Location 2?

We are interested in experimenting in a 2nd small island state with a different social profile to see if a social capital building process can make a difference in wider contexts. If you are interested in partnering with us in another jurisdiction please get in touch.